Selling Point

The perfect tool to control your business

Selling Point is a powerful invoicing and stock control business management system, with an integrated accounts package

Used throughout the UK by all types of distribution companies, Selling Point II includes all the features you would expect from your software including: invoicing, stock control, purchase order management, accounts, CRM, and extensive reporting.

With enhanced features such as promotional price management, our management software is geared to meet the demands of any modern distributor, regardless of industry.

Quotes, Orders & Invoices

Create an invoice and print it, or split the invoice into multiple delivery notes and email them directly to your customer. Our Sales Module within Selling Point II will make the whole process from start to finish quick and easy; no matter how you want to get there.

With enhanced features such as promotional price management and possible website integration, our management software is geared to meet the demands of any modern distributor, regardless of industry.

Selling Point II includes all the features you would expect from your software to include: invoicing, stock control, purchase and order management, accounts, customer data, and extensive reporting.

Features of our Sales Module include:

  • Users can have multiple POS screens running at any one time allowing them to multi-task.
  • Stock levels and prices are available to view at the time of creating an invoice.
  • Ability to create customer orders, delivery notes and then invoice dispatched goods.
  • Email, Print or Fax invoices direct from the software.
  • Comprehensive search facilities by customer name, order references, invoice numbers, product codes and product descriptions.
  • Split into multiple delivery notes.
  • Invoice suspend system and automated consolidation – you choose how and when.
  • Invoice layouts can be fully customised to your requirements.
  • Invoices can be keyed in quickly with minimal use of the mouse.

Stock Management & Purchasing

Stock accuracy is the lifeblood of every distributor and Selling Point II will give you exactly that!

Our Stock Module includes:

  • Comprehensive stock record card with access to: sales and purchase history, sales turnover analysis, customer and supplier orders all from the same screen.
  • Multi-branch transfer system.
  • Key business reports, including: sales analysis, re-order reports, product history and barcode labels.
  • Complex part kit creation and management.
  • Promotional pricing matrix.
  • Website integration – the products and pricing held within Selling Point II can be linked to your website. Please note that your website provider would need to integrate into our interface.

Our Purchase Order module will enable you to manage multiple suppliers and best buy, across multiple sites. It is fully featured and geared for competitive distribution.

Our Purchase Module includes :

  • Option to create purchase orders automatically based on stock level requirements and amend the results manually if required.
  • Delivery scheduling.
  • Branch stock levelling.
  • Receive orders into stock when they are delivered by your supplier.
  • Purchase orders can be printed, faxed or emailed to your supplier direct from the system.

Integrated Accounts & Making Tax Digital compliant VAT Submissions with ALLinONE integration

Selling Point II will handle all aspects of your sales, purchase and nominal ledger. It keeps your accounts secure and fully integrated into your business management system.

Our Accounts Module includes :

  • Control of your customer accounts – view customer details, outstanding invoices and orders, reprint invoices and statements all from the same customer record screen.
  • Set up individual product discounts for your best customers.
  • Simple entry for customer payments.
  • Quick reporting to show debtors, turnover and your top customers.
  • Print, email or fax your statements depending on each customer’s requirements.

Nominal Ledger provides management, profit and loss reports, drill down on nominal codes, double-entry postings and bank reconciliation.

  • Ability to set up automatically recurring invoices.
  • Automatically apply settlement discounts.
  • Export products – currency conversion and tax implications.

Mailshots and Marketing solutions

The e-mailshot facility in Selling Point II will send these for you, and better still, it’s quick and easy to use

With our pre-loaded templates, you can get your message out in a matter of minutes.

It’s a great way of generating extra sales, shifting excess stock, or just letting your customers know about what you are up to.

Use our inbuilt CRM to plan and market your campaigns.

Additional Features

The customer database within Selling Point II has all the features you would expect from professional business management software.

As well as comprehensive customer details, we’ve included items such as sales and payment history, so your team has everything they need at their fingertips.

Selling Point II is a safe haven for your customer details. It is secure and only accessible for review by the people you authorise – not even we have access!

It’s fast, easy and it’s professional!

You choose how your customers receive their information and this can be driven automatically by you in the customer database, or even chosen individually at the end of making a sale.

There is no end of reporting within Selling Point II and it is only limited by the amount of data you want to review.

We have reporting available in our accounts, purchase, sales and stock software modules.

Selling Point II is preloaded with the typical reports our customers need to run all the vitals of their business.

It’s way too easy to apply a promotional price and forget all about it, so we’ve developed a feature that will manage it for you.

Our matrix will handle timed offers to all, or just some of your customers. It’s a great way of running a limited incentive and tracking the results of your promotional activity.

Selling Point II was developed with growth in mind. Our Software is fully scalable, with no limit to the number of users, branches or products.

This combined with our comprehensive stock and branch transfer system makes internal stock movement a piece of cake!

Identifying that ‘red Audi’ just got a whole lot quicker! You know your stuff, but we know that a lot of your customers don’t.

Our VRM lookup takes the pain out of identifying the vehicles before they hit your workshop. You’ll still have to ask for the registration, but you’ll know everything you need to identify labour times and provide quick and professional quotations.

Save time with our lookup service! Our postcode service is a professional way of speeding up the process of creating customer records.

It dramatically cuts down the amount of information you need to ask a customer and saves you the time of typing it into your system. Coupled with our VRM lookup, it makes the whole process of welcoming new customers quicker and a whole lot slicker!

We’re on hand when you need us.

We’re based in the UK, and because we’ve developed all the software we sell, we’re perfectly placed to keep you up and running.

We use a remote support tool to access your system, and this means that you can see everything that we do to your PC. It’s great for talking you through a new feature of our software, or allowing us to make a fix; without having to walk you through complex changes.

Our support team are available Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm (excluding public holidays)

All our latest features with no fuss!

Part of our support to you is ongoing development, and we’re always working on something new. You will receive all the latest features automatically, and as long as you have an internet connection, we’ll update your software automatically too. We have of course got manual updates covered, so one way or another we’ll keep you up to date with everything you need.

We’ve got your back!

Backing up your data is a necessary evil. Your software stores everything you need to run your business, and we’ve got the perfect solution that requires no effort from you.

Our cloud backup service will securely store your data, and better still, it’ll even backup when you’re using the software!

We’ll monitor your backups, and ensure that you have the latest copy in the event of a total disaster, or just if your PC goes on the blink.

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