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Making Tax Digital with ALLinONE Accounts

Our ALLinONE Accounts package has been tailored to work seamlessly with MTT’s software products

ALLinONE offers a sleek and user-friendly interface for managing all of your financial accounts with ease. It’s packed with powerful features and functions, including comprehensive account management, bank reconcilliations, digital VAT submissions and reporting capabilities, making it the ideal solution for both personal and business use.

Additionally, this accountancy package is a pioneer in the industry, being one of the first packages to achieve recognition by HMRC as fully compliant with the latest ‘Making Tax Digital’ regulations. It’s a complete and reliable choice for managing your finances effectively and efficiently.

With integration into AutoInTouch, AIT Online and Garage Manager and built directly into Selling Point II, ALLinONE is the perfect accompaniment to all of MTT’s software packages.

Double Entry Bookkeeping

If something comes into your business, it’s because you gave something up. Double entry bookkeeping is a system of accounting that records financial transactions in two different accounts, one being a debit and the other a credit account. This method ensures that for every financial transaction, there is a corresponding debit and credit entry in the financial records. This system provides a system of checks and balances, making it easier to detect errors and ensuring the accuracy of the financial records. Additionally, it creates a clear and detailed record of all financial transactions, making it easier to analyse and understand the financial health of a business.

Bank Reconcilliation

A bank reconciliation is the process by which the bank account balance in an entity’s books of account is reconciled to the balance reported by the financial institution in the most recent bank statement. Any difference between the two figures needs to be examined and, if appropriate, rectified.

Making Tax Digital – VAT Submissions

Since 2019, HMRC have required all businesses to submit their VAT returns through compatible software. ALLinONE accounts is authorised by HMRC to submit VAT returns.

Detailed Reporting Suite

ALLinONE’s reporting functionality is comprehensive and robust, providing users with a wide range of useful and informative reports. The Aged Debtors report, for example, allows users to track and manage outstanding invoices and payments, helping them to quickly identify and address any issues related to customer payments. The Trial Balance report, on the other hand, provides an overview of the financial health of the company by listing all of the account balances and highlighting any discrepancies.

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