Maximise your potential

Be open 24/7, without being open 24/7!

Recent reports show that over 33% of MOT tests are booked outside of working hours! How much would your garage benefit from a potential increase in bookings of one-third?

Seamlessly integrated into your website, or as a standalone system, WebBOOKING for AutoInTouch and AIT Online opens your doors for bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Your customers can book their upcoming MOT tests in customisable slots so you don’t overbook your MOT bay, and you can close or open the bay when necessary. Don’t operate by timeslot? that’s fine. Select our AM/PM option and set up how many bookings you can take and your customers can drop off and pick up as per your practices!

It doesn’t end there…

With WebBOOKING, it’s not just about MOTs. In fact, you can set up slots and job times for anything! Whether it’s for services, air-con checks or anything else!

Easy to navigate customer platform

Your customer enters their vehicle registration, selects what they would like to book, available date and time, and it’s automatically added to your diary. They will receive an email and SMS confirming the booking. They can even receive a handy reminder the day before!

You’re in control

You decide what services you want to offer online. Whether it be MOTs, Annual Servicing, Air Conditioning checks, or anything else!

Multiple Bay Bookings

Select which services are available in which bay in your workshop. For example, MOTs may only be in a designated MOT bay however, services can be done on multiple ramps.

You can also create customisable time slots and availability for each bay in your workshop, and close bays individually when necessary. We’ve also included a handy bank holiday calendar, which updates each year.

Offer combined packages? No Problem!

With our package matrix, you can combine 2 or more products and offer a package price. The WebBOOKING system ensures you can only book when availability allows, and intervals and times are determined by you!

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