Keep an eye on your assets from anywhere

Originally developed to complement our Garage Manager package, Turbotrak has now been developed as a standalone product.

We’ve answered our existing customers who wanted to use it to track their own personal assets such as motorhomes and classic cars. Our objective is for TurboTrak to become one of the best value asset tracking products on the market.

It has now been redeveloped from the ground up using the latest Google Maps API and our own, in-house developed, data exchange platform. We have a host of new features in the pipeline that will make TurboTrak one of the very best value asset tracking tools available.

Track your assets using any Google maps compatible browser on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. We can even install asset tracking software on your Android smart phone so you can track staff or family members, even when they’re not in a vehicle.

We supply fully configured GPS trackers that can be wired up to the vehicles electronic system using one of our approved installers near you, the trackers can report when the ignition has been started or stopped, its speed and its journey at any given time.

Features Include:

Journey Histories

View an assets journey history on Google Maps showing:
  • Start and end points
  • Distance travelled
  • Date and time of travel

Speed Tracking

View an assets speed at various points along its journey

Downloadable Journey Reports

Downloadable journey reports, showing:
  • Date & Time
  • Start & finish address
  • Duration
  • Distance travelled
  • GPS positions
  • Speed at each GPS position
  • Direction of travel at each point

Unlimited Asset Tracking

Unlimited assets can be tracked

Coming Soon:

Configurable Asset Ring Fencing

Receive alerts when an asset leaves a user defined area

Ignition Start Notifications

Receive a message when your vehicle is started

Configurable Speed Alerts

Configure alerts and receive a message when your asset exceeds a certain speed

Improved Reporting

Updated reporting showing:
  • Total travel time
  • Total trips
  • Total distance
  • Average speed
  • User defined dates and times for all of the above

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