Turbodroid (7)


All information sent back from TurboDroid updates the job in Garage Manager

Diagrams of Vehicles & Customer Signatures

Today’s Android touch screen devices allow the user to draw out on templates any markings that are relevant and to take customer signatures on completion of recovery.


Job Completion


The job in Garage Manager is now completed and ready for charges to be applied before invoicing.

* Standard and Night Control TurboDroid software requires a Turbo account, which is billed monthly.
Only one Turbo account is needed, no matter how many devices you have, with no limit to
the number of devices, (Standard or Night).

**Mobile tracking is per device as an annually chargeable feature.

***Only small amounts of data are transmitted but you should check your data allowance with your Sim Card Provider.












After the job cleardown the TurboDroid operator can receive one of the following messages:

  • Await Instructions
  • Return to Base
  • Phone Base
  • All clear

Information is transferred rapidly from TurboDroid using the Mobile Data network***


Link to a bluetooth printer

If you choose to you can print job information to a compatible Bluetooth printer. Fields included in the print out are:
Job Reference, Date & Time, On Scene Time, Cleardown Time, Client Name, Membership Number, Telephone Number, Location,
Deliver to, Vehicle Make & Model, Odometer, Vehicle Load, People on Board, Symptom, Fault Code, Outcome Code,
Customer Outcome and Name & Signature.



There are two types of TurboDroid - 'Standard' Mode & 'Night Control'

Standard mode is used for receiving and updating jobs whilst Night Control also has the ability to adjust
ETA times and forward jobs on to your other TurboDroid Android mobile phones.

When a job is received into Garage Manager, via TurboDroid you can send the job on to the nearest recovery vehicle
driver via an Android Mobile phone and built in tracking.** This ensures you know where your recovery vehicles are 24/7.



TurboDROID software from MTT allows you to speed up vehicle recovery response times, making you available for the next job much more quickly.

We were one of the first companies to embrace android technology within the rescue & recovery environment, linking our
Garage Manager software at the control centre to mobile devices in the vehicles.

In today's busy world it’s essential to get from A to B as fast as possible. With more vehicles on the road than ever before, stranded vehicles need to be recovered as quickly as possible. TurboDROID software allows you to speed up vehicle recovery response times, making you available for the next job much more quickly.

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