AITLIVE Commercial Workshop


Here at MTT we’ve spent the past year developing the commercial workshop version of AutoInTouchLIVE

We’ve worked closely with several commercial workshops to develop this new product. AutoInTouch CW focuses on safety inspection check sheets, inspection planners, automatic reoccurring diary bookings and job clocking.

AutoInTouch CW provides the ability to create custom safety inspection sheets, so you can tailor your library to the type of equipment you inspect. For example, separate inspection sheets can be created for trailers, lifts, cranes, etc. Whenever a safety inspection is completed it’s stored with the vehicle history for life and can be recalled anytime.

As it is often the case that the same vehicle will be in at regular intervals, the automatic reoccurring booking feature will save you a great deal of time. Just set the frequency and the software will do the rest! This information is used to produce the inspection planner.

Inspections planners can be generated for a customer so they have a clear view of when their equipment is due in. With a click of button you can send the inspection schedule to a customer for all of their equipment. Operators are required to show evidence of safety inspection planning to the DVSA and having it pre-booked is very desirable.

AutoInTouch CW has all the other features found in our AutoInTouch LIVE product plus much more! It’s the perfect tool for any commercial workshop.




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