1200 Customers and Counting...

AutoInTouch has been developed specifically for the UK Garage Market.

We’ve worked alongside our customers since 1988 to ensure that our garage management software meets the growing demands of every busy vehicle repair workshop. Our software is easy to use, but we do not compromise on functionality. AutoInTouch is a simple and quick way to raise job cards and invoices, or the complete control centre for your business with our detailed performance reports and accounting.

Features Include:

Postcode Lookup

Save time with our lookup service! Our postcode service is a professional way of speeding up the process of creating customer records.

It dramatically cuts down the amount of information you need to ask a customer, and saves you the time of typing it in to your system. Coupled with our VRM lookup, it makes the whole process of welcoming new customers quicker and a whole lot slicker!

Customise Invoice & Job Card Layouts

Customise Your Invoice & Job Card Layouts

We’ve created AutoInTouch to fit with your business, not the other way round. We have a number of different templates available for your documentation, and these can be tailored to suit your business. You can have fully graphical invoices, simplistic text, or a combination of the two.

This is all part of our installation, and we will take the time to ensure that every document you create looks as good as it should.

Service & MOT Reminders

Not every Customer wants to be contacted in the same way, so we’ve built in a number of different options to tailor how you contact them.

Our software gives you the capability to send traditionally by post, email and send by text message. The system is very easy to use, and in just a few minutes you can generate extra business for the months ahead; be it a service and MOT reminder, or a special offer.

MOT Diary & Automated Booking

Sell your MOT’s online; no problem!

If you’ve got an existing website and want to offer your customers the ability to book their MOT’s online, we can help. We can link your website to AutoInTouch, and ensure that you remain in complete control of what slots are made available. You can start with just a couple a week, and release more as the demand grows.

When a booking is made, it will automatically link to your diary so you’re on top of your workload at all times. It’s a great way of securing new business when you’re busy doing the business!

Detailed Customer Vehicle Histories

Every historical job card, estimate and invoice is at your fingertips in AutoInTouch.

We’ve made it possible to search in a number of different ways. Even if you can’t remember their name, but you do see their car when they arrive, you’ll have their information up in front of you before they even walk through the door.

Now that’s professional!

Electronic Diary

Our diary handles all of your current and future jobs, but more than this, you can also see a live status of your work in progress.

Need to contact a customer about a job in progress? No problem! We have one click functionality in our diary, so you can send them an instant email or text message without having to open additional windows. Like every function in AITLIVE, all the information you could possibly need is a simple click away.

Customer Database

The secure database within AutoInTouch is the perfect place for your most precious information.

You have complete control over who can access and amend your information, and no one, us included, can access this!

The database has all the features you would expect from a professional garage software package and like everything in AutoInTouch, it’s all accessible from one screen. Customer details, invoice history, sales figures, your own internal notes, plus much, much more…

Workshop Reporting

Our workshop reporting is very easy to navigate and extremely comprehensive. We’ve got countless reports available from basic work in progress and outstanding quotations, to your profit by Technician.

Not every garage wants to drill down to this much detail, but it is all there if you do. Added to this, if there’s something you particularly want to report on and the system doesn’t already have it, our team can customise these for you.

Quick Quotes

Quotes have never been quicker!

AITLive is so easy to use, that you can build the information while your customer is on the phone to provide them with an instant quote, or, it can be sent via email or text directly to them from the quotation screen. Plus, don’t forget that every quotation you do can also be followed up with an email reminder.

You might not get their custom this time around, but promoting your other services or special offers may get them in the future!

Invoicing and Job Cards

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to create job cards, estimates and invoices quickly and professionally. You can turn an estimate into a job card, and a job card into an invoice at the click of a button.

There’s no need for triple entry and you’ve got the option to amend or update the documents at any time. Everything you may need is accessible from one screen. Customer histories, your workshop diary, work in progress, profit analysis; the list is endless…

Stock Control and Purchase Orders

We know that the need for workshops to hold stock has reduced over the years, but every garage does hold consumable items.

AutoInTouch can handle this, right through to those that do invest heavily in large component stocks. There is no limit to what our software can cope with! Keep a track of your stock valuations, and just as importantly, keep a track of what you are paying for your products.

Our stock control and purchase order system will ensure that you’ve got what you need in stock, ensure that it’s being invoiced to your customers, and help you to buy at the right price.

SMS Messaging

We’ve built in multiple ways for you to get in touch!

It’s not always easy for your customers to answer the phone during working hours, and some just don’t like talking.
That’s why AutoInTouch gives you the capability to text and email your customers from anywhere in the software.
Keeping in touch to advise on jobs in progress, or sending a service reminder is just a click away!

VRM Lookup

Identifying that ‘red Audi’ just got a whole lot quicker! You know your stuff, but we know that a lot of your customers don’t.

Our VRM lookup takes the pain out of identifying the vehicles before they hit your workshop. You’ll still have to ask for the registration, but you’ll know everything you need to identify labour times and provide quick and professional quotations.

Easy Fleet Management

We’ve written a safety inspection schedule into the diary function of AITLIVE so you can plan ahead. This is a very handy tool if you have customers with fleet vehicles that require regular inspections.

By creating a schedule it will automatically populate your diary with the future bookings, and at the same time, create a comprehensive service schedule that you can give to your customer. Better still, your system can then notify them by email or SMS every time one of their vehicles is due in. You create the schedule and the system does the rest!

Remote Support

We’re on hand when you need us.
We’re based in the UK, and because we’ve developed all the software we sell, we’re perfectly placed to keep you up and running.

We use a remote support tool to access your system, and this means that you can see everything that we do to your PC. It’s great for talking you through a new feature of our software, or allowing us to make a fix; without having to walk you through complex changes.

Our support team are available from Monday – Friday

Cloud Back-Up

We’ve got your back!
Backing up your data is a necessary evil. Your software stores everything you need to run your business, and we’ve got the perfect solution that requires no effort from you.

Our cloud backup service will securely store your data, and better still, it’ll even backup when you’re using the software!

We’ll monitor your backups, and ensure that you have the latest copy in the event of a total disaster, or just if your PC goes on the blink.

Automatic Updates

All our latest features with no fuss!

Part of our support to you is ongoing development, and we’re always working on something new. You will receive all the latest features automatically, and as long as you have an internet connection, we’ll update your software automatically too. We have of course got manual updates covered, so one way or another we’ll keep you up to date with everything you need.

Integrated Accounts & VAT

Our accounts package can handle all aspects of your sales ledger.

You have the choice of using the system to run this aspect of your business, or exporting the information into your existing accounts package. AITLIVE can be exported into Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and our own All-In-One Accounts.


We understand that introducing software for the first time into your business or changing to a different package is a huge decision. That’s why we let you decide how you would like us to approach it. You can discover the power of our software on your own, we can demonstrate it to you online or we can visit you and your team in the comfort of your own business. Simply complete your details below and we will be in touch with you very soon.