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We were one of the first companies to embrace android technology within the rescue / recovery environment,
linking our Garage Manager 
software at the control centre to mobile devices in the vehicles.

In today's busy world it’s essential to get from A to B as fast as possible. With more vehicles on the road than ever before, stranded vehicles need to be recovered as quickly as possible. TurboDroid software allows you to speed up vehicle recovery response times, making you available for the next job much more quickly.

Our Turbodroid Software offers the following features :

  • Ability to send & receive Jobs with Tracking
  • Diagrams of Vehicles
  • Customer Signatures
  • Photographs at Scene and Transmitted Back to Base
  • High Quality and Rapid Transmission of Information
  • Linked to Latest Technology Hardware with Built-in Trackers & Phone
  • Works with Night Controller to Assist Smaller Operators
  • Added Ability to Link to a ‘Bluetooth’ Printer, Reducing Paperwork
  • Checklist Functionality
  • Job Updates & Clear Downs from the Roadside

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