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Focusing on the needs of Vehicle Test Stations in the UK, 
The Mot Club
was formed in 2001 as a specialist trade body. It offers a wide range of services dedicated to help both testers and management
involved in the MOT scheme.

These services include :

  • ATL Training
  • Tester Training (Refresher Courses)
  • Training for those Wishing to Become Testers.
  • Training on How to Manage and Operate a VTS
  • Site Inspections
  • QC Checks on Testers
  • Legal Help and Advice.
  • 24hr Response to Dealing with Appeals and Enforcement Action
  • Technical Helpline and Specialist Publications
  • IR Help and Advice
  • Software Solutions
  • Hand-Held Testing Devices
  • VSI Data / MoT Diary
During the first few years of the Clubs’ formation, independent 
were seen as those most in need of these unique services.
However, it was not long before dealer groups, national service chains 

and fast fits recognised the benefits the Club had to offer.
Now the Club represents a complete cross-section of the motor industry.
Its’ membership boasts seven of the top ten dealer groups, several national chains and many independent garages. The Club currently carries out over 3,000 site inspections a year to ensure member conformity to DVSA standards, also running numerous courses across the UK.

The MoT Club was the first company to obtain DVSA (VOSA) approval 
for the use of hand held test equipment, operating on the Clubs’ Test 
Master software. The Club has developed a number of software solutions, enabling groups to have greater control over their VTS network, providing instant updates at the touch of a button. The Club also offers online MoT bookings via its own garage management system. Recognised by all other trade bodies, i.e., DVSA, DFT, MoT Forum and 
CITA, the Club is now divided into six regions, each with its own Manager. 
The Club sits on all lobbying groups to represent its membership.

The Club has now evolved into a multi-faceted organisation. We not only help the UK MoT test station maintain and improve the standard of vehicle testing and road safety, we also improve the way companies manage their test stations, using software which improves profitability.  

The Club looks forward to the new developments on MoT Comp 2 
and is working closely with its sister company Autologic Data Systems,

the exclusive provider of Vehicle Specific Information to the MoT Scheme.

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The MoT Club - A Guide to Testing

A Guide to assist the tester in carrying out MoT testing in class IV and VII.
It is not intended that this guide be used as an alternative to the tester’s manual.

Download our Handy Guide

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