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Save time and money with Garage Manager vehicle recovery software

Our Garage Manager software allows both recovery clubs and operators to receive, accept or decline jobs electronically.
It links to mobile devices and Android software, so that jobs can be transmitted onwards to recovery vehicles via TurboDroid.
It also produces job cards and invoices, monitoring the job from initial acceptance through to completion. It saves time and money and improves customer service.
The product continues to be upgraded and has now been adopted by vehicle salvage companies to record collection, storage and disposal of vehicles.

•    Monitor jobs, accept to complete
•    Receive, accept & decline jobs
•    Create job cards & invoices
•    Automatically transmit jobs

With 95% of the UK market, Garage Manager is the must-have system to improve efficiency and job handling in the motor industry.
Since 1989, Garage Manager has undergone three major upgrades and numerous versions to improve user experience and the range of applications covered.

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